Code of conduct

The following Code of Conduct highlights the expectations of competitors/ parents & carers and guests at all WER trials and competitions. The purpose of this code is to protect the students and the constructive competition/ learning environment and also maintain the excellent reputation of the World Educational Robotics Society. In all aspects the highest level of behaviour is expected by the committee at all times. Behaviour that falls below this standard will result in either verbal / written warning, disciplinary action or in dismissal from the activity/ event.

Please be aware that ignorance of the contents of this code will not be accepted as an excuse for any breach. Complaints or problems will be dealt with fairly and as quickly as possible by an authorised WER UK officer (overseen by the WER UK Committee) as quickly as possible after the event. The final decision on any matter rests with the WER UK Committee chaired by Dr. Melissa Butt.

WER UK adheres to all Policies / Procedures,/ Child Protection Policies as operated by its responsible Not For Profit organisation Discovery STEM Education, Kelham Island Museum, Alma Street, Sheffield S3 8RY Registered Company No. 09613364.

• Compete in accordance with the competition rules.
• Take responsibility for your own behaviour and performance.
• Be a good sport.
• Encourage and support your own team members.
• Show respect for yourself, your team mates, officials, your opponents and their skills.
• Wear the WER vest as outermost clothing at all times during competitions: it is not permitted to take part without this attire unless authorised to do so on medical grounds.
• Do not criticise the performance of others
• Act responsibly, sensibly and courteously at all times – you are representing your team, organisation/ school, Region or Country.
• Profanity, foul or offensive language will not be permitted at any time.

• Do not interfere with the officials or obstruct the process of running the event.
• Do not try and access the venue outwith the designated times for parents & carers (if at all part of the agenda) unless specifically authorised to do so by a designated WER official. In general parents/ carers are not permitted to remain present when trials or competitions are running.
• Always congratulate your child on their performance
• Do not behave in any way whatsoever the reflects badly upon the World Educational Robotics Society
• Profanity, foul or offensive language will not be permitted at any time.
• Cooperate at all times with WER officials.
• Do not interfere with the conduct of any events or decisions of the judges.
• Support children where appropriate with generous applause.
• Do not comment adversely or argue with any officials or parents of other competitors.
• Strictly no alcohol/ tobacco / volatile liquids are permitted in or around the venue.
• Parents must not approach the judges, if you feel there is cause to complain speak to a designated WER official at an appropriate time or contact
• Show appreciation of volunteers, coaches, officials and administrators. Without them your child could not compete.
• If you wish to remove your child from their team and they are practising for a competition please bear in mind the upset of tother children in their team who then may not be able to compete.
• If you have a complaint about the competition please present this in writing within one week ofthe Competition/ trial and it will be dealt with by the WER Committee.
• No refunds will be given for entry fees or other costs incurred as a result of removal from competition due to failure to comply with these rules.